Development Management


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Development Management

Construction Management

Siddhi Real Estate Services’ construction management division directly and accurately assesses exactly what a potential acquisition or current property needs, and at what costs are associated to be rehabilitated to a performing asset. In recent years, Siddi Services construction management has undertaken and completed over $100 million in renovations. We attribute our success to an integrated commitment to precise coordination of services, clear and consistent communication, and meticulous attention to detail at every point of development.

On-point planning, management, cost control, and reporting make us leaders in the construction management field, earning the ongoing trust and respect of owners, investors, and clients.

The in House Advantage

Our services connect all the dots. We begin by creating the scope of the project. From there we build a construction budget and supervise all aspects of development. Our services include:

  • Retaining Suppliers
  • Hiring Sub-Contractors
  • Hiring Local Tradespeople
  • Negotiating Pricing

Siddhi Services serves as your liaison with lenders, approves invoices for payment, and completes draw requests as necessary. The benefits of our all-inclusive approach are increased control over the project, modification flexibility, and seriously relevant cost savings. We apply our high standards at every turn to keep projects on time and of exacting quality.

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